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Video production agency

Noldio specializes in creating high-quality video content for brands worldwide. Their services include product videos, explainer videos, software walkthroughs, live-action videos, and website animations. Each project is tailored to enhance brand storytelling, increase conversions, build trust, and engage audiences with visually compelling and polished videos.

3mpq creative studio

3mpq Studio specializes in creating innovative digital experiences by blending cutting-edge design with the latest technologies. Their services include bespoke UI/UX design, front-end and back-end development, and animations. Utilizing tools like React, Next.js, Vue.js, Tailwind, TypeScript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Webflow, they deliver visually stunning and highly functional solutions. They offer a range of packages from adapted templates and landing pages to comprehensive e-commerce and custom solutions. Explore their portfolio to see their dedication to excellence.

Freelancer portfolio

We developed a personal website for Maksym Boiko, showcasing expertise in web development, UI/UX design, and marketing. This site highlights professional background, portfolio, and services offered.

Auto reseller

Odesa Auto is a family-owned business specializing in a wide range of young, uniquely designed pre-owned cars. The website offers a user-friendly experience to explore new, used, and trade-in vehicle options. Odesa Auto focuses on providing expert advice and a carefully selected inventory. They also facilitate financing options to make purchasing a car more accessible. The site includes detailed listings with essential information on each vehicle, and a contact form for inquiries. Start your journey to find the perfect car today with Odesa Auto.

Urban environment development

528x integrates wellness principles into real estate, creating environments that enhance health, happiness, and peak performance. Their holistic approach combines ancient wisdom with modern science, offering comprehensive amenities and services that support physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By prioritizing eco-friendly practices and fostering community connections through events and workshops, 528x promotes a vibrant, sustainable lifestyle. Their innovative designs and partnerships with industry leaders ensure high property value and enriched living experiences.

Π‘offee machine service

Kavadim offers expert coffee machine repair services in Odesa, ensuring your coffee experience remains uninterrupted. They provide comprehensive services including diagnostics, electronic repairs, and maintenance for both domestic and professional coffee machines. Additionally, they sell high-quality used coffee machines and coffee beans. With convenient door-to-door delivery, reliable warranties, and quick service options, Kavadim ensures your coffee machine is always in top condition. Discover their range of services and products to enjoy perfect coffee every day.

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